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Kewill E Commerce

Acknowledged as the leader in the shipping system industry, Kewill E Commerce, makers of the Aristo Parcel Shipping System Ô (APSS Ô ), provides the quickest return on investment of any application on the market today.   APSS for Windows automatically calculates zones, shipping charges, C.O.D. charges, and insurance fees.  It then prints manifests, shipping labels, bills of lading, commercial invoices, and C.O.D. labels.  No more manual preparation of labels and bills of lading, no more expensive errors from hand written entries.

APSS for Windows Ô is designed to grow along with your needs, without starting over.  Additional carrier modules and interfaces may be added without any down time.  It can hold unlimited amount of carriers, rates, and services,  so there's no need to have other carrier specific hardware cluttering your workspace.  When you need an additional processing station, all you have to do is add the hardware to accommodate it.  It's standard import feature can read data from a multitude of other programs and it's mainframe interface can also be added to provide real-time data exchange with your mainframe.

Where APSS Ô really excels is flexibility.  No other system on the market allows users the freedom to design the processing system to their specific needs.  Each station may be easily configured for the most efficient method of processing.

For more information on APSS for Windows, please send an email to webmaster@distributech-inc.com , or visit the APSS for Windows Ô website.