DistribuTech, Inc.   

DistribuTech, Inc., whose offices are located in Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco, is a company dedicated to the shipping automation industry.  It's officers have been in the shipping and distribution arena since 1986 when the company was first founded.

Over the years, DistribuTech, Inc. has developed close relationships with many major carriers.  As carriers add services, change price structures, and offer unique service plans to attract customers, DistribuTech's development team keeps in constant contact with them to enhance its shipping automation utilities, keeping them accurate and up to date.  In short, DistribuTech listens to its clients and carriers to enhance its products.

Some of the latest product releases put out by DistribuTech, Inc. include our Freight Auditing and Payment services and the vastly popular Priority Ship 2000Ô.  Our Freight Auditing and Payment services offer our customers a simple solution to the vigorous task of researching claims on late and overcharged packages shipped via all of the major carriers.  This service utilizes the power and speed of the internet to generate, not only professional management reports, but to increase your company's bottom line by recovering shipment refunds.

Priority Ship 2000Ô is a single software solution that enables users to ship urgent packages via the United States Postal Service and use delivery confirmation at no additional charge.  Priority Ship 2000Ô offers ease of use, user friendly interface, and diverse hardware compatibility, making it an excellent choice to meet your postal shipping needs.

Our technical supervisor has over 17 years of experience in the shipping system industry.  Other members of our technical support team also offer a wide variety of knowledge of the shipping industry.  The technicians we employ not only have a technical background, but also have had contact with the shipping systems as, either an operator, a purchaser, or internal support technicians.

What DistribuTech, Inc. brings to the table is the experience of interfacing all of its products to a wide variety of host applications.